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4 Tips To Make A Divorce Less Stressful

by Marie Caldwell

Dissolving a marriage is emotionally trying, but there are ways to go about your divorce proceedings to make the whole situation less stressful for yourself, your ex-spouse, and for any children involved. In the long run, trying to make a divorce as amicable as possible will benefit all parties. Use the following tips to reduce stress when getting a divorce:

Hire a Divorce Lawyer That You Trust

Working with a divorce lawyer that you feel comfortable with and trust is essential for reducing stress when going through a divorce. An attorney, like First West Law LLP, will be able to guide you through the process and let you know what to expect, which can relieve anxiety and allow you to make well-informed decisions regarding the terms of your divorce.

Have an Open Conversation with Your Ex

If you are on decent terms with your ex-spouse, sitting down and having an open and honest conversation about your divorce can be very helpful. During a divorce, it is not uncommon for spouses to feel like their ex is the enemy; being able to calmly discuss the details of the division of assets and child custody can allow both parties to feel like their voices are being heard while also reducing animosity.

Make sure you keep your meetings brief at first so you both don't get burnt out. You may want your lawyer there to keep everyone calm and to keep the conversation from drifting away from legal matters. To stay calm during the meeting, you may want to practice breathing exercises, mindfulness, and stress-relieving activities like yoga beforehand. 

Consider Mediation

Not all divorce cases have to go to court. You and your ex can settle all of the details of your divorce through mediation, which is often a lot less stressful, quicker, and less expensive than taking your case in front of a judge. During mediation, both you and your ex can have your attorneys present to ensure that you have access to competent legal advice and representation. Over the course of a mediation session, the common issues involved in a divorce will be discussed; and if you and your ex can agree to the terms that work best for your situation, they will be included in your divorce decree.

Utilize the Services of a Family Therapist

Working with a family therapist can help you and your spouse let go of anger and resentment so that you can both move on with your lives and make living situations easier for children. Therapists can also offer valuable insight and resources into how to co-parent effectively for the sake of your children. In addition to therapy sessions with just you and your ex, consider sessions for just your children as well. Even if you are careful not to bad-mouth your spouse, children still need a safe haven away from both parents. A good family therapist will be able to help your children explore their feelings in a healthy manner.