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Can You Beat A DUI In Canada?

by Marie Caldwell

The government takes driving under the influence very seriously. But whether you have been accused of driving while under the influence of alcohol, marijuana, or another substance, you should know that you always have a right to defend yourself. There are various factors that can influence a DUI case in Canada:

Approved Testing Instrument

Officers of the law may use a number of different testing methods when stopping you for a potential DUI infraction. A standard sobriety field test might include you reciting certain words or phrases, walking in a straight line, or following an object with your eyes. While performing these actions, the officer will watch for behavior that indicates that you are intoxicated. In addition, the officer may choose to request that you blow into a breathalyzer. The machine will then analyze your blood-alcohol level. Finally, the police can request a blood sample to test for potential intoxicant levels. If they did not use one of the approved methods as grounds for their suspicion, it could strengthen your case against the charge.


Even if you are frustrated or angry after being pulled over by the police, you should remain as calm and compliant as possible. If there is documentation and testimony that you were cooperative, it could help you in the courtroom. On the other hand, if you act inappropriately it could give the judge reason to believe that you are not serious about the alleged infractions you committed. 

Reading Of Rights

If you were not read your rights during your arrest, you can bring that up during the legal proceedings. In addition, if you feel that the officer did not treat you fairly, you should document this and confer with your lawyer about how the officer acted inappropriately.

Hire A Lawyer

There are various ways to beat a DUI charge. For example, you can question the legality of the testing instruments used, the conduct of the officer, and the reliability of any test results that indicate your intoxication. In order to bring these issues to light and protect your rights, hiring a lawyer is paramount. A lawyer who specializes in criminal defence is your best ally in a DUI case.

It can be frightening to stand accused of driving under the influence. Perhaps the instrument used malfunctioned and did not accurately represent your intoxication level. Perhaps the officer did not follow protocol. Regardless, it is possible to beat a DUI in Canada. A professional criminal defence lawyer can guide you through the process and potentially lighten or eradicate the charges altogether.