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4 Things To Consider If A Bailiff Is Knocking At Your Door For You

by Marie Caldwell

Do you have a suspicion that you might be facing a bailiff, like those at A Lower Mainland Bailiff, at your door in the near future? If so, then you are going to want to make sure that you know a few important things. To help make sure that you are prepared, you will want to review the following four things.

You Should Receive A Legal Notice Prior To The Visit

You should remember that if a bailiff is scheduled to knock on your door, there will first be legal notification of this. This not only gives you notice of the upcoming event, but it gives you time to make things right before it happens. This might mean paying off your debt or paying any legal fees that you are responsible for.

Always Ask For Identification

It is vital that you are always asking for identification from the person claiming to be a bailiff. This is for your safety. Along with his or her professional identification, you should be provided with a copy of the court paper stating that you owe money. If the bailiff is there to remove something from your home, such in the case of a repossession, you need to ask for proof of their authorization to do so.

What Will Happen If They Can't Get In

If the bailiff is unable to access the property that he or she was sent to obtain, they will continue to make a few attempts. This might happen the very next day. It might happen in a few weeks. After several attempts, the bailiff will generally advise the debtor that the property was unable to be reached. He or she should leave a notice at your door regarding their attempts with instructions for what your next steps should be.

You Still Have Time To Get Your Things Back

Should you find that the bailiff does end up seizing some of your personal property, it is important to know that you will have a certain amount of time to legally get it back. The exact amount of time will vary depending on where you live, but the local courts will be able to address your concerns. If you do not get your items back during the time frame that is provided to you, everything will be sold at an auction to the highest bidder in order to cover your debt.

With all of these things in mind, you should be much better prepared to face a bailiff that comes to your door and the aftermath that follows.