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Seriously Injured In A Collision: How A Lawyer Can Help With A Lawsuit

by Marie Caldwell

Were you living a productive life until a reckless driver collided with your vehicle and cause you to lose leg? It is important for you to contact a lawyer and discuss what you are going through, as you can receive compensation for your trauma. Find out below how a personal injury lawyer can make sure the other party is held liable for the collision, as well as what kind of legal fees you will have to pay.

Why Hire a Lawyer After Getting Seriously Injured in a Collision?

Suing a reckless driver with the assistance of a lawyer is ideal because he or she will make sure you are paid a fair amount of money. You must consider all of your medical expenses in your lawsuit, including the ones that will occur in the future for your injured leg. For instance, a lawyer will make sure you are paid enough money to afford an artificial leg if you desire to get one. Your mental health from going through a traumatic experience should also be calculated a medical expense, as it is a psychological injury.

The assistance of a lawyer is also necessary so you can build a strong case that proves the other party caused the collision to happen. You can't just assume that an accident report that was written in your favor is enough evidence, as the other party can contest it and say that you were in the wrong. A lawyer will visit the accident scene to find potential witnesses, video surveillance and create a sketch to detail what likely happened during the incident.

Your compensation in the lawsuit can also include:

  • Pain & suffering
  • The inability to work
  • Making your home wheelchair accessible

What Kind of Legal Fees Must Be Paid to a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Your legal fees will include the lawyer's labor and court costs. You may also be charged if the lawyer opts for hiring a private investigator for obtaining more evidence against the other party. However, you don't have to worry about any upfront payments because personal injury lawyers commonly work based on a contingency fee. You don't pay anything until your case has been settled in court and you get paid. The legal fees will come directly out of your settlement money, which can be up to 40% of what you receive.

Losing a leg to a reckless driver deserves justice in the court of law. Allow a personal injury lawyer, like Heritage Law Group, to help you file a lawsuit against the other party so you can get paid as soon as possible!