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2 Ways That a Family Lawyer Can Help You with an Adoption

by Marie Caldwell

A family law firm is a great resource if you decide to adopt a child, mostly because this type of law firm can assist with any type of adoption. Hiring a family lawyer can make choosing an adoption agency much less risky and help you prepare for a failed private adoption.

Make Choosing an Adoption Agency Less Risky

Finding a good adoption agency doesn't seem like it would be too difficult, but the sad truth is that there are fake or fraudulent adoption agencies out there that are simply looking to take advantage of individuals that are desperate to adopt a child. In many cases, the risk of running into a fraudulent adoption agency is going to be higher when you are adopting from a foreign country where it can be difficult to determine if the agency is legitimate.

A lawyer can help you with this process by referring you to adoption agencies that are confirmed to be legitimate. This is often because the family lawyer or law firm will have dealt with numerous adoption cases and agencies so they will have a list of appropriate and legal adoption agencies.

Another way that a family lawyer can make choosing an adoption agency less risky is by investigating an adoption agency for you. If you simply provide the name and contact information of the adoption agency to your lawyer, he or she will be able to research the agency in order to determine if it is safe to proceed with the adoption process before you give the agency any money.

Help You Prepare for a Failed Private Adoption

Private adoptions are a very common type of adoption arrangement in which prospective parents and a pregnant woman will arrange the adoption without the assistance of an adoption agency. In most cases, the pregnant woman will request assistance with her medical bills and expenses throughout the pregnancy. This arrangement can also sometimes include paying a portion of the pregnant woman's living expenses.

However, a problem that can come up with a private adoption is that it can fail if the biological mother of the child chooses to change her mind about giving the child away at any time during the pregnancy or shortly after giving birth. In that situation, you could end up not only losing the child, but also all of the money that you spent paying the biological mother's bills.

Thankfully, a lawyer can help by having you and the pregnant woman sign a contract prior to you paying for any of the pregnant woman's expenses. If the woman chooses to keep her child later, the contract will at least enable you to sue the woman in order to get the money you spent returned.

Speak to a family lawyer, such as one from Walk In Law Firm Maggio Saverpierre, as soon as possible if you are thinking about adoption. A family lawyer can help you prepare for a potential failed private adoption while also making it much easier to find a legitimate adoption agency.