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4 Things You Should Know About Workers Compensation

by Marie Caldwell

Injuries happen everyday at work. Some injuries are just minor and the individual heals quickly and without any real problems, however, some injuries are life changing and can leave you out of the work force for a long period of time. If you have been injured at work you might be wondering if you can get workers compensation for it. Here are some things that you need to do to get workers comp.

1. Report The Injury Right Away

It is very important that you go through the right channels to report your injury. Many people have been denied workers comp because they failed to report it. It is not enough to tell the person working next to you that you were injured. Instead, you need to report it to the company. This means that the moment you are hurt you let the right people know, usually your HR rep, and then from there you will need to see different doctors and get the right documentation.

2. See The Right Doctors

Another mistake that people make is that they don't go to the right doctor. You can go to your family doctor, but know that there are certain medical providers that are preferred by your work. If you go to the wrong doctor, you might still have to see more professionals, and you might not get the reimbursement that you want. Consider it like an in-network situation. You need to talk to your employer about what doctors, hospitals, and clinics they are contracted with.

3. Get Proper Documentation

If you do decide to file a lawsuit down the road you will need to have the proper documentation to prove your injury. If your doctor doesn't write down that the injury happened at work, if they fail to give a detailed report of the injury and so forth, you could lose your chance to file the lawsuit.

The more documentation that you have of the actual incident and the injury itself the more likely you are to have a better outcome.

4. Stay Sober While Working

Lastly, it is important for workers comp that you can prove that you were alert and aware during the injury. If you have a history of being intoxicated while at work, or if you were intoxicated during the injury, you might lose your chance to get workers compensation

If you have any questions about workers comp, talk to an attorney about your options. For more information, contact companies like Oxner + Permar, LLC.