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Dealing With A Bad Business Reputation Over A False Rumor

by Marie Caldwell

Building a business up from the bottom is a process that can take a long time to accomplish. Once you have built a large customer base and good reputation, it can keep your business going for many years to come. However, everything that you have worked hard for can go down the drain if someone starts a false rumor that changes the way people feel about doing business with you. If you are in the current situation and your business is quickly failing, consider filing a defamation of character lawsuit. Below, you will find tips that can help you through the process of suing the person that started the false rumor.

Be Honest with Yourself About the Rumor

When it comes to suing someone for defamation of character, there are a few things to consider. You must first think about what was said in regards to your character that wasn't truthful. You must then determine if there is even the slightest truth to the rumor. Basically, you must be able to prove that the rumor is false, as well as that it is the sole reason why your business reputation was ruined. If you hold any responsibility for your character being damaged, you might not have a strong argument for a defamation of character lawsuit.

Figure Out How Much Damage the Other Party Caused

If you are positive that your business reputation went down the drain because of what the other party falsely said, determine how much damage he or she caused. For instance, are you on the verge of having to shut your business down because you have stopped getting a sufficient amount of customers? Will closing your business establishment down interfere with the type of lifestyle that you are accustomed to living? You must also consider how the false rumor has affected you on a psychological level. A mental injury is sometimes worse than a physical one, and can actually lead to you experiencing physical problems in the long run, such as from stress.

Ask a Personal Injury Lawyer if You Have a Good Case

After you have compiled a list of the extent of damages that the false rumor has caused, get advice from a personal injury lawyer. Ask the lawyer if you have a good chance of winning a lawsuit for defamation of character. He or she will ask you a few questions about the rumor as well. If you have a strong case, the lawyer can help you move forward with obtaining compensation from the one that started the rumor. The lawyer might also investigate the other party to learn about the type of character that he or she has.

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