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Has Your Shoulder Replacement Surgery Failed? What To Know

by Marie Caldwell

Shoulder replacement surgery was meant to be a resolution for your years of pain and suffering. Almost a second chance at a vibrant and active life. However, for many, this has not been the case.

Intense Pain

A leading reason you considered shoulder replacement surgery was likely to do with the discomfort you were experiencing. So, if you've found yourself dealing with the same level, or more pain, post-surgery, this is cause for concern. The pain you are experiencing may be the result of bone damage that occurred due to a faulty replacement or one that was not sized appropriately for you.

Metal Toxicity

Metal toxicity is another problematic concern for people who have had this procedure performed. Metal toxicity, or poisoning, occurs when small fragments of the replacement start to break off and spread throughout the body. The body then has a reaction to the foreign object that can cause a number of symptoms to occur, including nausea, diarrhea, anemia and even heart problems.

Limited Mobility

Shoulder damage may have prevented you from moving your arm freely in all directions. However, if a faulty replacement was used to perform your procedure, you may have found yourself in the same predicament. An ill-designed replacement can actually shift, after it is placed inside the body. For you, the result of this movement are mobility concerns that can range from difficulty moving the area to complete and permanent loss of movement.

Who's to Blame

When it comes to injures sustained from shoulder replacement surgery with a recalled device, determining who is at fault is somewhat of a complex process. One of the first thing that must happen is a careful review of the injuries you have sustained. This review will help determine the cause of your injures.

Take limited mobility, for instance. If the reason for your limited mobility is the result of a shoulder replacement that was poorly designed, the manufacturer might be solely to blame. However, if the physician performing the operation did not verify the condition of the replacement or inserted it incorrectly, they may too hold some negligence. Whichever party is to blame, you have a right to full compensation for your injuries, loss wages and overall pain and suffering.

If you or a loved one are suffering, make certain you understand that there is no need to suffer in silence. An attorney will examine the specifics of your shoulder recall lawsuit case and fight for your right to compensation for your undeserved injuries.