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Four Ways To Prevent Pedestrian Car Accidents

by Marie Caldwell

Pedestrian car accidents happen all too often, especially in city environments. The problem with these accidents is that even at low rates of speed, the injuries a pedestrian can suffer can be extensive or even fatal. As a driver, this poses a threat to you because it's difficult to prove who was at fault, especially when you are feeling guilty that the person was severely injured. Here are four ways to prevent this from happening:

  1. Always Be Aware: While driving, especially in an area that is busy with pedestrians, you must be aware of your surroundings. Keep your eyes on the road and be aware that pedestrians could be walking out on the road at any moment. Drive cautiously and even slower than the speed limit if the road is crowded with pedestrians. You should also be more aware if there are people who have been drinking or little kids. These pedestrian types are notorious for not being mindful of drivers on the road. 
  2. Don't Go Over the Speed Limit: Driving over the speed limit not only means a higher chance of hitting someone, but it also means that you will be held liable for the situation, which can be devastating emotionally and financially. This also means reducing your speed to the suggested limits rather than continuing with the previous speed limit on the road. 
  3. Do Not Drink and Drive: Drinking and driving and then hitting a pedestrian can lead to a whole mess of trouble for yourself. Not only is drinking and driving illegal and has major consequences, but it's even more so should you hit someone. Hitting someone is even more likely while drinking and driving because of swerving and possible even swerving onto a sidewalk where someone is walking. 
  4. Do Not Mess With the Radio or Use Your Phone: Distracted driving is a huge issue and a common reason car accident occur. If you want to change the radio station or a song, wait until you come to a complete stop at a red light. Also, keep your cell phone off if you must while driving to prevent yourself from checking it. If there is evidence that you were distracted while driving and hit someone, you will find yourself in major legal trouble in this situation, as well. 

With these four ways to prevent a pedestrian car accident, you avoid the emotional and financial turmoil that hitting someone could lead to. Contact a personal injury attorney for more information.