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3 Things You Should Know About Getting In A Car Accident

by Marie Caldwell

If you have been in some sort of accident, you are probably wondering what you can do to get what you deserve. There are steps that need to be taken to make sure that you get what you need. Here are some things you should know after something like a car accident.

1. Don't Wait

First, you shouldn't wait to start filing with the insurance, getting the car fixed, and having your injuries looked at. There is a small window of time when you will be able to prove these things. If you wait even a couple weeks to see the doctor, the medical records won't be able to prove that the injury was caused from the accident. It could be argued that you hurt yourself in those weeks and blamed it on the car accident simply to have your insurance cover it. However, if you take your car into the shop right after, if you go to the doctor right after, and get all the paperwork and things together to make your claim immediately after the accident, you are more likely to have success in getting your claim accepted.

2. Start the Claim with the Insurance

Another thing you need to do is start working on the insurance claim right away. There are many things to do with the insurance claim, and you will need all the time you can get. This is because if the insurance does become difficult to work with, you may want to file a personal injury lawsuit. However, there are restrictions to how long you have to file the suit. You usually only have a couple years, so if you take months and months to file the claim, you might lose your chance to file the lawsuit.

3. Don't Accept Finality Until You Are Sure It Is Final

When you file the claim, don't accept finality until you are sure that you are done. For instance, if the insurance offers to give you a payout, but you have yet to file claims for your medical insurance, then wait. Usually when you take a payout, you agree to the claim being finished and you can't file anymore. This can also hurt your chance to file a lawsuit. So, instead, don't take the money until you are sure you are done, or even after you have talked to a lawyer.

After all these things, if you still can't get the insurance to work with you, you may need to file a personal injury lawsuit. To learn more, talk to a personal injury attorney today.