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Got Hurt at Work and Can No Longer Do Your Job? How a Social Security Disability Attorney Can Help

by Marie Caldwell

If you got hurt at work and can no longer fulfill the duties of your job, you need to apply for Social Security disability benefits. This will help cover some of the expenses you have each month. However, this can be difficult to do if you have never applied for this type of disability before, which is why you should hire a Social Security disability attorney to help you. Below is more information how a Social Security disability attorney can help you can get the money you deserve.

Help You File Your Claim 

Once you become disabled, you have to file your claim as soon as possible. This is because the process of receiving disability can take many months, so getting your claim in quicker will help you get your money sooner. It also looks better to have your claim filed right after your disability becuase it helps develop a timeline of when you became disabled. For example, if you get hurt and wait nine months to apply for benefits this will not look good for you, because it would be obvious you were still capable of doing your job.  

It is also important that your claim is filled out correctly. The Social Security Administration will use the claim to determine if you are able to perform your current job duties, if there is any way you can perform the same job duties by performing them in a different way, or if you can be trained for a different job in your company.

Submit Records

The Social Security Administration will need records to help them approve your disability claim. Your attorney can help you submit these records, as the attorney will know what records should be submitted.

The attorney will obtain medical records from your doctor and/or hospital, all laboratory test results, and any other information that will be needed. You must turn all forms and information in to the Social Security Administration quickly, so the office can make their decision on your claim.

Help You with Interview

Once your claim is accepted by the Social Security Administration, they will want to interview you. This interview may take place in person in the Social Security office or over the phone. Your attorney can help you prep for the interview, as the attorney will likely know the types of questions you will be asked. Being able to answer these questions correctly will help get your claim approved.

If you prefer, your attorney can attend the interview with you. This way the attorney will prevent you from saying something that you should not.

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