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Social Media Can Impact Your Divorce

by Marie Caldwell

Divorce is difficult. Nobody can deny that divorce takes a heavy toll on those involved. Today's technology enables us to see so much more about the lives of those around us, including ex-spouses. This can be a curse for those who keep an active online presence, especially in the midst of divorce proceedings.

One factor you may not have considered in your divorce is the role of social media. Every picture or post somebody puts on their profile can shed light on their living situation and state of mind. For many people, this leads to problems in the courtroom.

Understand Admissibility in Court

While you might not expect it, your Facebook posts, text messages, and emails could very well come out in court. Anything you post on the web is admissible in court, especially when you are going through a divorce. More and more often, social media is playing a role in legal proceedings.

For example, your spouse may claim not to have a job in order to collect spousal support. On the other hand, he or she may post on the web that they are going to work or  show pictures of themselves in work uniforms. This is a big indication that they are lying.

Understand the Impression You Give

If you are trying to show that you do not make much money, do not post photos implying a lavish lifestyle on social media. The less your social media posts reveal about your financial situation, the better you will do in court.

If you are vying for custody of your children in court, also pay attention to the potentially reckless behavior a social media profile may show. Even if you are a completely responsible parent, an ex-partner might be able to pull photos that exhibit drinking and use them against you in court.

Understand the Implication of Dating Websites

While you might be on your way to singlehood during the divorce, you are wise to avoid making a dating profile during the proceedings. Making a dating profile may send the message that you were unfaithful during the marriage, which could influence you ability to collect spousal support.

Hire a Divorce Attorney

Even if you no longer use your social media profiles, you need to hire an attorney to manage your divorce. A divorce lawyer can provide you with the support you need to go to court and receive custody or support you deserve.