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Car Accident Misinformation and How to Combat It

by Marie Caldwell

It's easy to believe the wrong information when it comes to car accidents. Most accident victims are already vulnerable and ready to get their lives back to normal again by the time the insurance adjuster calls. Being out of work and getting behind on bills can only increase the sense of anxiety and the need to settle the case. Unfortunately, actions based on misinformation can really harm your chances for getting the settlement you deserve. Read on find out how to fight back against bad information.

The insurance company is there to help – This bit of misinformation probably does the most damage because it lulls accident victims into a false sense of security. The insurance adjuster for the at-fault driver is not only not on your side, but their actual job duties consist of making you jeopardize your own chances for compensation. They will call and ask you to provide them with some info about the accident and your injuries. They are skilled at making you feel so comfortable that you end up saying something that may cause you problems later. Their interview techniques involve asking you open-ended questions, asking you leading questions, and asking the same question several times by rephrasing it.

For example, you might be asked what speed you were driving at the time of the accident. You might not be able to remember so you guess or speculate, only to later find out that the info you gave meant that you were exceeding the speed limit. You have just reduced the at-fault driver's liability for the accident and thus your compensation—all because you were caught off-guard. Instead of worrying about this phone call, refer them to your personal injury attorney.

Everyone takes to social media when bad things happen – It's normal for people to vent and gain sympathy for everything from a broken nail to car accidents on social media. Unfortunately, the posts you think are private are not, regardless of your privacy settings. The insurance company has the power to subpoena your social media posts, and that includes the post in which you assured your friends that you were in an accident but are "okay." You are probably far from okay, but now you have stated the opposite for all to see. Instead of seeking support on social media, talk to your loved ones and your real friends in person and keep anything about the accident away from social media.

You've waited too long to take action against the other driver – There are statutes of limitations on personal injury cases, but you usually have two or more years to act. The sooner you speak to a lawyer, the quicker your case will be resolved and the fresher the evidence and eyewitness statements will be, however. If you have already signed a settlement agreement, then there is nothing that can be done. Once you sign, you cannot take action for anything related to the accident.

Speak to an attorney and find out more about why the above misinformation is so wrong and how you can triumph over your accident situation.