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What To Do If Your Long-Term Disability Claim Is Denied

by Marie Caldwell

When you pay for long-term disability insurance you expect to be able to use it when necessary. It's hard to make ends meet when you're unable to work due to a serious injury that could take you out of commission for several weeks or even months. Using your long-term disability could really be a lifesaver during times like this and if your claim is denied the blow can be devastating. The best thing for you to do is remain calm and know that you have options. Use this information as a tool so you'll know what to do if your long-term disability claim is ever turned away.

Understand Why You Were Denied

The very first thing you should after receiving the denial letter in the mail is read it. Although you might be fighting through tears and just can't figure out why this is happening you must try to take a rational approach to the issue. There could be very vital information contained within the letter, and if you read it, you might be able to figure out whether or not you did something wrong so you can change it and appeal the decision.

For example, something as simple as putting the wrong dates or incorrect contact information for your doctor could be enough to have the claim denied. If you see this information in the letter, you'll know exactly what you need to do to reverse the verdict. The letter may even offer key suggestions concerning how you can get the answer you're looking for if you will submit some additional facts which were left out of your initial filing.

Contact An Attorney

If you really want to pull out the big guns you need to get on the phone with an attorney. A skilled lawyer who has worked with other long-term disability clients will have a better grasp on just what it takes to be approved for long-term disability. When you have a lawyer helping you, they can show you how to fill out the application and information absolutely must be included in your appeal if you want to get the claim approved so you are able to get paid and take care of your financial responsibilities.

Receiving a denial letter doesn't have to mean the end of the world. Make the changes you need so the next time you apply for long-term disability you can sail right through with shining colors. To learn more, contact law firms like Iler and Iler.