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How Mesothelioma Develops and Why You Should Hire a Lawyer

by Marie Caldwell

Mesothelioma is one type of cancer that a person may be diagnosed with after they being exposed to a hazardous material known as asbestos. Unfortunately, many people who receive the mesothelioma diagnosis were unaware that they were surrounded by asbestos and regularly exposed to it. The exposure could have happened while they were working in a specific area or living in an apartment where the asbestos was present. The information often comes to light after the diagnosis, which is unfortunate because of the many symptoms and side effects associated with mesothelioma.

How Does it Develop?

Asbestos was once used in different types of insulation materials that were commonly placed inside buildings. Some materials that people have worked with in the past contained asbestos as well. The constant exposure to it can eventually cause cancer to develop in the lungs. As a result, those with mesothelioma tend to have a chronic cough and a difficult time breathing. They may suffer from shortness of breath and pain throughout the chest. It is quite common for those who are diagnosed with this form of cancer to lose their appetite and suddenly lose weight at a rapid pace. It can truly take its toll on the human body. The worst part about mesothelioma is that there is currently no cure for it.

Why Is Hiring a Lawyer the Right Move to Make?

Those who receive the mesothelioma diagnosis should consider visiting with a mesothelioma lawyer to go over some of the details of their situation. For example, a teacher may have been diagnosed with this form of cancer after teaching students inside a classroom full of asbestos at the school for decades. The teacher might not have known that there was asbestos inside the building or that they were regularly being exposed to it.

After the diagnosis, the teacher may want to file a lawsuit against the school district for failing to provide warnings and for failing to take the necessary steps to get rid of the materials containing the asbestos. When moving forward with a lawsuit, a mesothelioma lawyer would work on investigating the situation and proving that this type of cancer developed due to the teacher's constant exposure to asbestos at the school. 

Unfortunately, a mesothelioma diagnosis is a difficult diagnosis to receive. The symptoms are rough to deal with and there is no cure for this form of cancer. Anyone who receives this type of diagnosis from a medical professional should meet with a mesothelioma lawyer to see if there is enough evidence to support a claim against a company, school district, or even a property owner.