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Situations When Defendants Need A Criminal Defense Attorney For Child Abuse Claims

by Marie Caldwell

Child abuse is a serious point of discussion. It, unfortunately, happens in a lot of households, but sometimes, reports of child abuse are not true. If you are put in this position as a defendant, you may need to hire a criminal defense attorney. These situations in particular would make this type of legal hire important.

Partner Hires a Prosecuting Attorney  

If your partner or spouse brings in an attorney of their own to move forward with child abuse claims, then you don't want to remain unprotected legally. That would be a terrible thing because the attorney you're going up against knows way more about child abuse laws.

Hiring a criminal defense attorney of your own can help you fight untrue claims of child abuse. Do what they say throughout this process, and your partner's attempts of hiring an attorney won't be such a stressful, difficult thing to handle.

An Investigation is Opened Against You

If the child abuse claims you're dealing with end up leading to an open investigation, you want to try to defend yourself legally. You need professional counsel so that you do things that can get these charges dropped and make this open investigation process less impactful.

A criminal defense lawyer will prepare you for the stages of the open investigation, from evidence collection to statement documentation. Listen to their advice about this part of your child abuse case so that nothing turns up that is harmful. 

Statements From Family Members are Needed

What often happens in the event of a child abuse claim is statements from family members are gathered. These are needed to show exactly what has been happening in the household with the child said to have been abused.

If your child abuse case gets to this point, you need to hire a criminal defense attorney to get these statements too. Whether it's from a cousin or another close relative, these statements have to be gathered a certain way so that they can be used in court. A criminal defense attorney will know how to achieve this so that you have a better shot at getting off these charges.

You never want to take child abuse charges lightly, even if you know for certain you're innocent. Certain situations just call for assistance from a criminal defense attorney that is well informed and experienced with child abuse laws. Know what these are, and you'll be fine.