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3 Ways a Long Term Disability Attorney Can Help Your Case

by Marie Caldwell

Long-term disability can significantly jeopardize your future if you fail to seek disability insurance benefits. However, most injured parties hardly think about the repercussions of denial of their insurance claim before they file. They assume that a disability insurance company can easily approve their benefits because they have a legitimate claim.

However, when their claim gets denied, they realize that they're facing a complex appeal process that can delay their financial relief. Therefore, it's worth seeking the help of a long-term disability attorney if you find yourself in such a position. Such legal experts can offer assistance from the initial filing of your claim to representing you in a lawsuit in the state or federal court. Here's how they can be helpful in your case.

1. An attorney can help you scrutinize your policy

Long-term disability policies can be complex given the different requirements that can be challenging to break down. That's why you should be conversant with various aspects of your policy, including the period you should receive payments and the amount to receive as monthly payments, among others. Additionally, a long-term disability law attorney's assistance is necessary because they can analyze all your policy terms and compare them with the facts of your case. This will guide them to know whether your condition requires a long-term disability claim.

An attorney can also help you point out complications that may come up when filing for long-term disability. This may include specific concerns with your health condition or terms of your insurance policy and build a case around such problems to minimize their impact.

2. Help to collect crucial evidence for your case

If an insurance company has denied your disability claim, you should gather evidence of medical proof like diagnostic testing to prove your case. In cases of injuries and illnesses, you can't prove using tests, especially those that cause chronic pain and vertigo, you may need the services of different trained medical experts. An experienced attorney can help you gather crucial evidence from unbiased medical professionals to prove your disability. In case your case goes to trial, they may involve expert witnesses such as vocational experts.

3. Ensure that insurance companies treat your case fairly

Insurance companies are supposed to adhere to specific regulations under your policy terms and conditions.  For instance, there's a timeline on when insurance companies should approve your claim. However, most companies don't take such concerns seriously. Also, if you don't know whether such regulation exists, you won't realize any wrongdoing. Remember that attorneys are conversant with long-term disability insurance claims and can hold an insurance company accountable to the terms of your policy.

Long-term disabilities can be very stressful because you aren't just dealing with illness or injury that's limiting you from working, but you'll still be dealing with the stresses involved in acquiring your claim. This is why it's necessary to contact a long-term disability attorney right away.