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Do You Have PTSD Symptoms After Your Personal Injury?

by Marie Caldwell

Many people think of the obvious things they want to be compensated for when settling a personal injury case. This includes their medical bills and lost wages directly associated with treating an injury. They are clear costs that can easily be proven as a result of what happened, which makes them easy to recover. However, sometimes some injuries are hard to identify. PTSD is a real problem that can happen to anyone after an accident, which affects your entire life in many ways. Here are a few signs that you're suffering from PTSD and should be compensated fairly. 

Anxiety Surrounding Certain Activities

A common problem that people have when they suffer from PTSD is that they have trouble performing the activity they were doing when they were injured. If the injury happened while they are driving, they may have trouble getting back behind the wheel and driving again. Sometimes they even have trouble getting in a vehicle as a passenger. This is a real problem that you will be dealing with indefinitely, and you should be compensated for this as a result. It is possible to recover compensation for the emotional distress that you suffer from.

Flashbacks to the Accident

Another form of PTSD is that you have flashbacks to the accident, which can happen when you least expect it. Having flashbacks can give you disturbing thoughts that make it hard to do what you are trying to do in the moment, which includes spending time with family, focusing on your job, or even doing things for personal enjoyment.

Losing Interest in Activities

Sometimes people find it so difficult to do certain activities that they just stop doing them altogether due to PTSD. Pay attention to potential mood changes where you simply lose interest in certain activities. This is especially true when it is something that you previously enjoyed and now you do not have the motivation to do it anymore. For example, a personal hobby that you have. 

Trouble Sleeping

Going through a traumatic event can have an impact on your sleep. You may find yourself having difficulty falling asleep at night since it is a time where your thoughts tend to race and you are thinking about the accident the most. This can cause you to have difficulty falling asleep and have very poor sleep quality for quite some time. A lack of good sleep will then affect your life in many ways as a result. 

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