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3 Serious Errors That Can Worsen Your Motorcycle Crash Lawsuits

by Marie Caldwell

The first few minutes or hours after a motorcycle collision can be horrifying and confusing. As a result, you might fail to focus on relevant issues that will affect your lawsuit later. Unfortunately, failing to take certain measures can weaken your case, giving the negligent driver a chance to walk free regardless of the magnitude of their crime. Keeping that in mind, here are some serious errors that can make it hard to win your motorcycle crash lawsuit.

Failing to Inform the Authorities About the Accident

Every motorist understands the consequences of causing a collision. Therefore, the wrongdoer might persuade you not to inform the authorities about the accident. Instead, they'll promise to repair your bike and cover your medical expenses. Getting into such an agreement can be costly because you'll fail to get the crucial police report. Remember that the police conduct very comprehensive investigations and their report can help you prove fault. Their observation of how the accident occurred, statements of people that witnessed the crime, and who they think was the main culprit will be valuable evidence to help you get justice.

Failing to Get a Comprehensive Medical Examination

Failing to get a comprehensive medical examination after a motorcycle accident is detrimental. First, you won't know about the injuries you've sustained from the accident, especially if you have internal injuries. As a result, you will not receive timely treatment of existing and emerging injuries, which could result in additional complications later. Besides, failing to seek treatment immediately after the accident gives the at-fault party's insurer a reason to refute your claim. For example, they might say that you sustained your injuries in a different incident.

Handling the Case Without Consulting a Legal Practitioner

Handling the process yourself is probably the biggest mistake you could ever make. Keep in mind that you'll have so many things on your hands, and therefore, you may not focus much on the legal process of seeking compensation. For example, you'll probably first visit the hospital and forget about evidence collection at the accident scene. Therefore, calling a motorcycle accident lawyer is the most important step after being in an accident. They will help you gather and preserve evidence as you get treated.

If you're injured in a motorcycle accident, steer clear of these mistakes as they may harm your pursuit of justice. Above all, hire a lawyer to guide and represent you in the case. They will help you avoid the mistakes above and any other errors that many people make when handling legal processes. 

For more information, contact a motorcycle accident lawyer in your area.