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Here's Why You Should Hire A Spinal Cord Injury Attorney

by Marie Caldwell

Spinal cord injuries leave an impact on the victim's life and their loved ones. They make you paralyzed and unable to perform activities of daily living or go to work independently. That leaves your loved ones with the burden of taking care of you. In a lot of cases, spinal cord injuries result from actions and omissions of third parties, and you deserve justice and reparation. If you are injured this way, hire a spinal cord injury attorney to walk you through the journey for the following reasons.

They'll Inform You About Your Rights 

Spinal cord injuries can result from negligence and recklessness of a third party, i.e., your employer or a road user. However, you may not be aware of your rights without a proper understanding of the law and circumstances around the case. A spinal cord injury attorney has the legal training and experience in dealing with such cases and will explain your rights and the various legal options to seek. For example, if you work without protective gear, they'll help you file a strict liability claim against your employer. 

They'll Help File Claims 

A spinal cord injury leaves you with functional mobility issues, and it may not be easy or take time for you to be able to pursue compensation. On the other hand, there are strict deadlines for personal injury claims, and you shouldn't let the court throw out your case based on time technicalities. One of the primary reasons to hire a spinal injury attorney is that they help with quick filing and pursuit of compensation claims. They help collect all the needed information, process paperwork and file a claim before the deadline. 

They'll Represent You in Negotiations and Court Proceeding

Although it's not mandatory to have an attorney representation in civil claims, several reasons make it crucial to have one during your proceedings. First, spine injuries can leave you bedridden for months, making it impossible and inconvenient to attend court proceedings. That results in many adjournments during the case, and it'll take time to get a conclusion or compensation. Having a lawyer enables the case to proceed while you get medical attention. Second, the defendant will likely have attorney representation, whereas the court holds both parties to equal standards. That puts you at a disadvantage because attorneys have more law knowledge and experience in defending such cases. Equally, having an attorney eliminates such vulnerability. Lastly, attorney representation in a settlement offer helps analyze the offer and negotiate for the highest possible amount to ensure you get what you deserve. 


An attorney helps you to seek justice after a spinal cord injury. They handle everything from informing you about your rights to filing claims and representation in court proceedings and settlement negotiations. Contact one today to smoothly handle your Spinal cord injury case while you seek medication.