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Clearing Up Some Personal Injury Confusion

by Marie Caldwell

It's only natural that many people are not familiar with personal injury issues. After all, it's usually only after an accident that it comes to your attention. This post takes some commonly misunderstood information about vehicle accidents and turns them into the correct facts.

  1. Even minor injuries are worth medical treatment. To be paid for accident injuries, you must go to the doctor. Even with today's well-built vehicles, injuries can occur. In some cases, injuries may not be noticeable until the next day. Having medical proof of your injuries is super important, though.
  2. Taking action is not a personal action against the other driver. Accidents happen and that is why people pay for auto insurance. You are not hurting the other driver by taking action and seeking damages. The negative effects of the accident for the other driver will occur with or without you being paid. Be sure you don't allow your emotions to steer your actions after an accident.
  3. The amount of time it takes to be paid after an accident depends on several factors. However, agreeing to a settlement is a lot faster than taking the other side to court. Settlements can be paid within a few weeks after your medical injuries have become stable. Speak to your lawyer about your settlement timeline.
  4. Even if the other driver admits fault and is insured, you may need a personal injury lawyer. If you have been hurt because of the accident, you are owed compensation for more than just your medical expenses and a wrecked vehicle. Your lawyer will examine your case and determine your damages. Then, they will demand that the other side pay for your lost wages, pain and suffering, medical expenses, and wrecked vehicle. The addition of pain and suffering alone could significantly increase how much compensation you are owed.
  5. Timing is everything when it comes to vehicle accident cases. Some people wait too long and then lose out on a chance to be paid. Others are so eager to settle the case that they agree to an inadequate amount. Personal injury cases must abide by the statute of limitations in each state. The amount of time victims have to file a case varies, so the sooner you speak to the lawyer, the less likely you are to wait too long. Victims must, however, wait until they know the full scope of their injuries. Settling too soon could mean you don't account for future medical needs. Get the timing just right by speaking to a personal injury lawyer.

Get things right by contacting a lawyer as soon as possible after an accident. Reach out to a motor vehicle accident attorney for more information.